A Different Kind of Monopoly  

Monopoly is the family game that’s fun for all ages… except that it’s been done to death and everyone is kind of bored of the regular old Monopoly. It was a big hit back when it first came out, but it seems like everyone has at least one version of Monopoly in their closet that no one plays anymore. But what if you were to rejuvenate the idea and replace all the boring old pieces and properties with something new and exciting, something people are actually excited about?
That’s what Monopoly: Pokémon Kanto Edition does. It takes the concept we all know and turns it on its head and completely renews the ideas with classic Pokémon characters. Now all of your favorite Pokémon have become playable characters and collectibles in the game, allowing the Parker Brothers’ standard to become something new.
The idea of catching all the Pokémon has long entranced fans. No matter what version of Pokémon they are playing, they have to get as many as they can. The same concept applies here, and they will have fun chasing after their favorite Pokémon once more while playing a game that adults have loved for generations.
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