If you have limited budget for marketing or promoting your website online, then search engine optimization or SEO would be your option. Here are some of the pros and cons of SEO.

1).Search engine optimizations (SEO) is a means of driving traffic to your website. 
2).Search engine optimizations (SEO) is free 
3.)You can get targeted traffic through Search engine optimizations 
4.)SEO can increase the number of active visitors who seek your product or service. 
5.)All the bonds should function correctly and all the pages should be accessible to the engine, making your site easy for the engines to correctly index and classify be category. 
6.)SEO can help you tap into this gigantic source of continuously flowing, free and targeted traffic.


1.)SEO takes a lot of time and effort to develop the most relevant web presence. And in this business, time is money.
2.)You would need an outside expertise because you’ll face challenges time and again
3.)Even though SEO is an efficient method for most competitive industries, such as software development or online shopping, keep in mind that it is impossible to actually replace some sites on search engine results pages that have been already operating for quite a long time.
4.)SEO campaign can’t always guarantee you a good placement in the search engines

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