5 Effective Uses Of Synthetic Urine – Time to check out!

Ever since the synthetic urine has been invented, its uses are not just limited to clearing drug tests. There are other legit uses of this liquid in a variety of avenues.
Some noteworthy uses would be the following:
· Calibrating equipments for testing- An important use of fake pee is to calibrate equipments for urine testing. Human urine is not suitable for this so this artificial liquid with a formula that’s constant come in handy for urinalysis laboratories.
· Alternative to medicine and cosmetology- Even though it is not advised for internal use, it can be used instead of real human pee for urine therapy. It is also a preferred substitute for cosmetic purposes as it has the similar composition.
· Testing the diaper- This artificial liquid has also found significance in the diaper industry. Companies that manufacture diapers, use this to test their products. Human pee is not always an option for this industry so the fake pee serves as a go-to option.
· Testing of cleansing agents- Salesmen and marketers use synthetic urine as an agent to demonstrate to the customer how effectively a certain product works. For example, cleansing agents for furnitures or carpets are used on stains created by this liquid. This shows how it would work on the original pee. Even for odor removal agents, this liquid is used because its odor is the same as that of the real human pee.
· Pranking and adult games- A few out of the box ideas to use this liquid could be to play a prank on friends. To wet their bed or clothes for a laugh using this liquid is way less offensive and doesn’t cause much problems. It can also be used as a hygienic way for sexual games.
These are a few fun and useful ways to use this innovative artificial urine so use it the way it suits your purpose.Click here for more info.


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